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Blogger Session with Ominiran

              I’m back with another interview, this time with blogger, Ominiran. I enjoy reading her posts and I’m sure you will too. You can check out her blog using this link

Describe yourself in three words.
            Beautiful, loving and free spirited.

Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?
              I actually started blogging in SS1. It was a blog where I shared stories I wrote. A friend of mine helped me to manage it. I wasn’t monitoring the blog and soon lost interest. In August 2020, I created my present blog and I love it. On the blog, I share anything that tickles my interest. Articles, stories, etc.

When and how did you discover your love for writing?
               The story is funny. A friend of mine texted a poem to me and I wanted to reply him with a poem too. I sat and wrote my poem to him and that was how we replied each chat with poems that day. After then, I tried writing again and soon found that I preferred story writing to poems and wrote my first story, “New Found Faith.” Since then, I’ve been writing on and off. Sometimes, I stop and tell myself that I won’t write again because I felt I wasn’t good enough at it even though I got positive replies. Last year, I made a final decision to continue to write no matter how bad I think my writing is. Writing and reading are a means of escape for me. It takes me away from my present situation to a life I choose for myself. It’s fascinating how I can reach the stars if I want to with my talent. Every time I get the chance to write, I get these bubbles of excitement in my stomach.

How long have you been blogging and how would you describe your blogging journey so far?
              I have been blogging since last year and it has been good. I have been enjoying the platform as well as learning a lot.

How has blogging impacted your life and what are the things blogging has taught you?
              The blogging atmosphere has taught me to research more. I have also met new people and learnt a lot from them.

How do you overcome writer’s block?
              I just take a break and do something fun for a while. When you least expect it, you will get the inspiration.

How do you get inspiration for blog posts?
             From anything around me. For example, I’m currently on a trip and that’s a blog post on it’s own. Sometimes you learn something new and want to share, that’s another blog post. I also do some research. The sweetest thing about a lifestyle blog is there is no particular niche. It’s flexible so getting what to write on is quite easy.

What’s your favourite thing to write about?
              I love writing about my experiences.

How would you describe the transition from teenager to young adult for you?
              It’s been a learning process, that’s what I can say. I have learnt to deal with feelings and people. I have learnt how to relate more with God and that has helped my growth. I love the woman I’m becoming. I’m growing up to be someone people can relate with and I think it’s beautiful. Lastly, I like how chilled I am.

What are your thoughts on the Twitter ban in Nigeria?
              Most times, I try not to focus on the bad things happening in Nigeria due to the fact that I like my mental state too much and majorly because I hate to feel useless and right now, that’s how I feel concerning Nigeria. Let’s be realistic, if I begin to rant now, there’s almost nothing I would achieve with it. Certain people will read and discard but Nigeria needs help, big help! It’s bad that a platform used for the exercise of one’s right (freedom of speech) is banned just because of your post was deleted. It shows the level at which the rule of law is enforced in the country. Nigeria has so many issues and I’ve chosen not to think about it but pray and try to influence people around me with positive thoughts and hope that when they get into the position of power, they would exercise that power well.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers?
              Go for whatever you want. Let nothing stop you. Chase it and make sure you’re being peaceful at it.
I thought this interview was awesome. What about you?

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