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Time Management 101

                 This post coming from a serial procrastinator, you’d know she’s had an epiphany. Trust me, if procrastination were a person, it would be me. However, I kicked procrastination’s ass to the curb today and wrote this post because what kind of person would I be if I procrastinated a post about procrastination?

Time is enough, we are simply devoid of the capacity to utilize it judiciously. You complain of time not being nearly enough yet you spend six hours scrolling through social media. Effective time management can be realized if the following factors are taken into consideration.

* Procrastination must be extirpated.
                 What have you ever accomplished by procrastinating?Can you speak louder..I can’t hear you. That’s right, NOTHING. Procrastination is a thief of time, there’s no truer statement than that. Procrastination works hand in hand with it’s brother, Excuses. But at the end of the day, excuses are just that- excuses.
Would it kill you to do that assignment now? Or read that book or write that blog post? What’s stopping you from finishing up that project?
To achieve effective use of your time, procrastination is a major factor that needs to be eliminated. Do what you have to do and do it now. When you procrastinate, little tasks keep multiplying till they don’t seem so little anymore.

* Prioritizing
                Set your priorities straight. What’s more important, finishing up that project or spending endless hours on social media stalking your favourite celebrities? That depends on you. Individual priorities differ. What might seem essential to me might be trivial to you.

* Stay productive              
            I know of a quote that reads, “Determine never to be idle. Imagine how much would be done if we were always doing.” This is not to insinuate that you should overwork, it merely implies that you should endeavour to engage in substantial activities.

* Get rid of distractions
                Whatever serves as an element of distraction to you be it your phone, your friends, should be done away with when you want to complete a task that you have set your mind to.

* Be stingy with your time
                 It’s up to you to decide whether or not to give audience to that friend of yours that can talk about BBN for two hours straight. Engage in activities, discussions that are worthy of your time. Place value on your time and other people will begin to value it to too.

These are other suggestions that might come in handy.

* Do your laundry everyday
                  If you can wear them everyday, why can’t you wash them everyday? The peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t have any laundry to do is irreplaceable. Immediately after rising in the morning and saying your prayers (that is if you pray), your laundry should be the next thing to do. You’ll only have to wash clothes from the day before which would take little to no time at all. It is much more preferable to tackling a heap of clothes every few weeks. This way, you can devote your weekends to other pieces of fabric like bedspreads and pillowcases.

* Plan your outfits on the weekend
                 Use your weekends to plan out outfits you’re going to wear throughout the whole week. Iron them and set them aside. This saves time on weekday mornings, time that would have been wasted contemplating what to wear.

*Early to bed, early to rise
                   Go to bed early so you can wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised and not like you loaded a truck with sixty bags of cement throughout the night.

*To do lists
                    I’m not a fan of to-do lists but you can give it a try to see if it works for you. Write out a list of tasks you want to accomplish each day. Do not mount task upon task for yourself, you’re only human.

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Thanks for taking time to read this post, Aurevoir.

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