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    The Soul Behind The Screen


I’m Adora and I’m your favourite blog-girl. Welcome to my blog, it’s  lovely to make your acquaintance.

        I’m a Gen-Zer, a Mass Communicator in the making and a lover of all things French ( J’aime le français).

Get ready to feast your eyes and mind on varying content from this space. From stories to experiences, random rants and ramblings, a tip or two….

Does that sound like something you would like to miss out on?

    You’re granted all express rights to fall absolutely, completely and entirely in love with this blog because what’s a blog without loyal readers?😉

    So tell a friend to tell a friend about this blog pieced together solely for your entertainment and reading pleasure with my humble self at the helm of affairs.

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To make it easier for you to navigate through this blog, I’ve curated a list of our most popular posts…

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