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The Digital Age: What a time to be alive!

              Social media, phones, laptops, iPads, tabs, television, e-banking, e-learning, video games, virtual reality, e-commerce, websites, blogs, vlogs, phone calls, video calls, Google…..

Imagine a world without all of that..I can’t. People lived without all of these a little while ago and I still wonder how they survived.

Being born in this generation definitely has it perks like being able to communicate with your friend who is another state or continent. Stalking your crush has been made so much easier with social media. You can get your business to a larger audience through the platform provided by social media. You can make money online from the comfort of your home, I mean some people our age worked in farms in the olden days. You can become a graduate from the comfort of your home. You can stay up-to-date on all the happenings around the world with just a click of your phone.


Yeah, social media is great but it also comes with its disadvantages. Social media should be handled with caution, whatever you say or do on the internet can come back to haunt you in future like the story of a lady who was deemed homophobic and denied a visa because of a tweet she had made sometime ago. Because you CAN say whatever you want doesn’t mean you SHOULD. According to Zoey (Grown-ish), “The thing about our generation’s mistakes is that they’re published for all the world to see and written in digital ink and you can never know when those mistakes can be used against you. The internet is a minefield with no room for error.”

Y’all are getting depressed cos of the things you see on social media…..smh. Some people’s greatest worries are the next picture they’re going to upload on Instagram or the number of engagement on their posts( Get out of your head! Other people have REAL problems). I’m not here to judge but I’m not not judging either😉.

That girl with skin as clear as milk, you later find out she looks like Shrek in person 🤦. People lying about their achievements and status on social media to fit in. And a lot more that my brain is too tired to think of. We continue this another day……

In the meantime, drop your comments down below. What are your thoughts?

If you’re new here, thanks for dropping by! And to my constant viewers, I love y’all 💙


I eagerly anticipate your responses✨

Published by Adora

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