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The Answers to All Your Woes…

It’s another Saturday on A’s Chronicles, the sun isn’t up yet (at the time I’m writing this post),the birds are not chirping (they must be asleep), I can still feel the dew of the morning caressing my skin and my mind is a wide empty field (I swear I can feel the emptiness, my headContinue reading “The Answers to All Your Woes…”

What’s your proudest moment?

I was 15 and in my final year of high school. The English Teacher came to inform me and two other students that our school needed a student to represent them in an upcoming essay writing contest against students of other schools. But, he couldn’t decide among the three of us so he asked usContinue reading “What’s your proudest moment?”

“For better or worse”

First off, I want to apologise for being off this space for a long time- a month and two days. Note that it wasn’t voluntary, sometime Life just happens. Forgive me, it’ll never happen again. I hope….. Anyways, I wrote my first short story last week. Not my first though, my first official short storyContinue reading ““For better or worse””