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Virginity: Pride or Pointless?

                It all started with a ’34+35′ meme and now, here we are…..

               Does a person’s sexual status determine their worth?
          Read on to find out what some Gen-Zers think concerning the issue.

P.S: None of the views/opinions stated below are mine.


         It’s a really controversial topic  and different people have different views on it most especially the older generation. The simple conclusion is everyone should just do what they can live with.

         No man has the right to
condemn a lady for not being a
virgin because you hardly find any man that married as a virgin, infact, I don’t even think they exist.
So why should they expect that ladies be virgins?

     I think it’s a personal decision. If
you decide to be a virgin till marriage, it should be because you want to, it’s a lovely decision. You shouldn’t do it because of some religious beliefs or sentiments and it shouldn’t be because someone somewhere is pressuring you to.

     If you also decide to lose your virginity, it’s not a bad thing. Everyone should do what makes them happy and what they can live with. Nobody is a saint, nobody is holy as virgin Mary. Even the ones that declare to keep themselves till marriage end up losing it faster.

      To me, it doesn’t matter if the girl is a virgin or not as long as she’s not a prostitute and she didn’t do it for money. She was with someone and had sex because of love. We all would be in that situation. We don’t know what life would throw our way, we don’t know what would happen to us tomorrow.

      I think we shouldn’t judge anyone who takes that decision or condemn any one who’s not a virgin, “people that aren’t virgins are disgusting” and the likes.

      The belief that the older generation has is so retarded, they should stop it.

    It’s a thing of choice. What is fine by you, what you can live with, do it.

   Any man that wants to respect you will respect you.

       Every woman is a Queen.    


         Respect from who exactly, please?

  If it’s virginity on both sides ( husband and wife keeping themselves for each other), then okay.

       If I were to keep my virginity, it would be as a covenant between me and God not for any stupid respect.

        It’s not impossible but anything can happen shaaa.


          In today’s world, virginity counts as nothing. People have sex everyday and they must have thought about the pride attached to it before taking that decision. So maybe females now have a new pride. Hence, virginity doesn’t serve as their pride anymore.

           I wouldn’t treat my spouse differently if she was a virgin or not. It doesn’t matter how much sex she had in the past so long as she is medically okay (no issues with the reproductive system and all), I’m good to go.

           Infact, the job will be much easier for me sef, you grab?


        It depends on the personality of the male/female involved. For me, whether you’re a virgin or not no really concern my life. I’m not a freak about getting married so I wouldn’t know how a married person would see it.

        But, I feel in this time and age that we are, you can say that well over 80% of teenagers have lost their virginity. The tradition is lost already.

        I’m not saying we should embrace teenage sex but as a guy, there’s a high chance that you’re not going to meet a virgin for a wife. So if you’re going to base  your judgement on the fact that she’s had sex with someone else before and you see that as she has lost her pride then that’s the purest form of stupidity.

        As a lady, I don’t know if you see it as your pride or not. Some ladies want to have sex with this special person while some want to experiment and see what it looks like. Some people want to do it but only if they’re dating you and they date, have sex, break up, date another and the cycle continues.

       Virginity goes both ways, if you see it as a lady’s pride then it should be a guy’s pride also. I don’t see it as a lady’s pride because I feel a lady’s pride shouldn’t be in things like virginity. I don’t know how biblically correct this is ( I never read my Bible reach that side), I feel a lady’s pride should be in her level of independence, career, financial status, emotional intelligence. Your pride should be in your achievements and the legacy you leave behind.

          Think long term. Don’t do something because of the effects it will have now but the effect it will have in the future. Focus on achieving substantial things, you’ll find that you don’t even have time to think about sex.

         Personally, I don’t endorse premarital sex  but I won’t judge a person badly based on that. I don’t agree that teens/,young adults should be having premarital sex. It’s a no-no for me although I might still try it sha, I never know. It’s not a priority.

         If you’re training a female from a young age that she has to keep her virginity, you’re focusing her worth on just one slit on top of her vagina. She doesn’t even have to have sex to break her virginity, make she just finger herself and it’s done man. Take her focus off of that and focus on more important things.

        The priority shouldn’t be virginity. Why make that a priority? It makes people curious about it.

         There’s a lot of disorder in the society and to correct that disorder, we need to ask the right questions.

         Most young people are like, “Why shouldn’t I break my virginity? What’s there?”

         The question should be, “Why should I break my virginity?”


     Virginity was the pride of a lady. These days, most guys don’t care  whether they marry a virgin or not.

        A lady should be responsible, loyal, supportive and understanding. Her past is her past, let’s enjoy the present.

        If you’re a virgin and you don’t have sense, what’s the use?

        It’s rare to see virgin ladies these days because fornication is the new norm, which is wrong in the eyes of the Lord.

         May the Lord forgive us all though.


       Respect-wise, definitely yes.

     Most people don’t like a ‘used-tissue’. But I don’t get why it should only apply to women. The world is still patriarchal. I mean, what us the point of getting married if a 1000 men have cummed into you before, similarly with men. There should be no double standards. Socially, virginity is still seen as a virtue.

     But that doesn’t mean virginity is a pride. It is highly subjective. Someone who has preserved it is likely to be respected more. Although on a personal level, the woman need not feel any less moral if she isn’t a virgin.

      Personally, I come from a conservative country and I find virginity super important. But that’s just me. We all have different moral codes. 

      I find virginity important for myself and I will preserve it. No one should be judged for how they want to live their life.

      I think virginity is the pride of a lady. I believe it’s something you’re supposed to keep till marriage. You’re supposed to keep it for your husband, that special person, he’s supposed to be the only person that’ll have access to your body.

      But even if virginity is not a pride, sleeping around with any guy that comes your way is just somehow.

       Your body is not for everybody. This is my opinion. It’s the pride of a lady for me.


      Virginity shouldn’t define the respect a lady gets from her man. If we’re being realistic, losing or keeping one’s virginity is a choice and it doesn’t automatically make her promiscuous. In the end, it’s who the person really is that matters.


     Most people see virginity as the only thing that makes her a woman. If you’re of the belief that that is the only thing that makes her complete and whole then you’re totally wrong.

   Yes, virginity gives her more respect than someone who actually did it. But then again, if someone doesn’t get married as a a virgin, you first have to know how she lost it.

    There are other ways to lose one’s virginity than sex. When I first discovered that, it actually opened my mind. The hymen might have torn without having sex before.

  But we’re in Africa and we have this belief that if you had sex outside of marriage, your respect will reduce. Virginity gives you an edge, your husband will trust you and not associate you with waywardness.

     I believe it gives a lady confidence to be able to say, “You met me a virgin, don’t talk to me like that.” Virginity is not the only thing, there are other things a lady has that can give her respect.



     I don’t think losing your virginity should attract disrespect. It’s just the way the girls of nowadays have turned out to be.

      People lose their virginity because of love, it shows the way you really trust the other person and really wish to spend the rest of your life with him.

    Most girls nowadays have sex because of money not love.

    Married people will tell you ‘I met my wife a virgin‘. This phrase means that when they were courting, the man happened to be the one to disvirgin her and coincidentally got married.

    But when they don’t end up together, it doesn’t mean the lady should lose any respect.  Its the way a lady carries herself that will make a man respect her.

    Character is the only way you get respect. You can be a virgin and be disgusting. It’s the motive behind losing virginity that matters.

   I used to condemn people that were deflowered but now I know how it feels.

   It is said in the Bible that no one should have premarital sex but it takes God’s grace for you to be in a SERIOUS relationship without sex. When you don’t see a future with the man you’re dating, you can’t bring yourself to devote your body.

    Our mentality in Nigeria when it comes to losing virginity is unfavorable to the females. If a man can disvirgin a woman, he should also lose respect because sex involves the consent of two people.

     Most men today are not virgins, can’t they keep themselves till marriage also?

   Everybody has a story to tell. We judge people a lot in our country.

    If we can ask most ladies why/how they lose their virginity, you’ll find out it’s because of love and the level of trust with the hope that things will end well. Unfortunately, the guy breaks up with her after she’s trusted him with her life.

   The men should be the ones ashamed of themselves because of their inability to be responsible and commit to one person. Why can’t guys be serious and honest about their intentions towards a  lady instead of deceiving her?

   For me, men are snakes because they can be fucking 5 girls and deceiving each of them with ‘I love you‘.

   My advice to ladies is: ‘They should ensure the person who they want to give their body to is devoted to the relationship.

What are your thoughts?

         Is virginity still worth anything in today’s world? Is it worth anything to you?

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Published by Adora

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9 thoughts on “Virginity: Pride or Pointless?

  1. Very diverse opinions. My take is – if it isn’t wrong to derive pleasure from eating tasty food, why is deriving pleasure from sex made out to be such a taboo? Till sex is seen as this “sin”, virginity will be regarded as being pious.
    As long as consulting adults are partaking in safe sex – no one else’s opinion should matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ultimately, every one should just mind their business and do what makes them happy as long as it’s not hurting any one. Thanks for this ✨


  2. My rings are in law, I set six children in immaculately (Deliverance!) I recieved my masters and chose a husband that was solid on all levels! Myself on 24 levels marriage is either a coupling or of family bonds… Mine granted by learning and scholarship i dropped to save the lives of my house using tantric masters! I chose those who loved me unconditionally and dissolved all ties with family who aimed! Officially a 4 century lady, my sisters passing reinstating my life, I granted mine to those I see unconditionally and for the saving of a child’s life in the balance! in a time where the world is at odds, if it is your safe guard maintain it! Physicality is about true lasting connection or release of malevolent energy! In reality through my eyes we come first! As goddess to my world choose wisely but if you have events outside of your control your immaculacy would be reset! Respect and value your decisions, life’s twists and turns may set your gaze outside orthodox thinking but set you in the height of salvation!

    Liked by 1 person

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