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What’s your proudest moment?

I was 15 and in my final year of high school. The English Teacher came to inform me and two other students that our school needed a student to represent them in an upcoming essay writing contest against students of other schools.

But, he couldn’t decide among the three of us so he asked us to write an essay on a particular topic….I came last😩. The student with the highest mark was chosen as the school’s representative.

On the day of the competition, I and another student accompanied ‘the chosen ones‘ to the event (as was our practice), it wasn’t uncommon for non-participants to accompany the representatives on such events.

So I tagged along..

The prize for whoever won the competition was an iPhone ( I can’t remember the model that was in vogue then)

Sha sha..

The competition began and the person officiating asked me and my tagalong counterpart if we would like to wait outside or just write the essay to keep from being idle.

I was all for waiting outside, honestly.. but our teacher encouraged us to give it a try and I thought, “well, why not?” 🤷

So I sat down and I just wrote whatever I wanted cos I thought, “I’m not a contestant, it wouldn’t matter anyway“. That didn’t mean I wrote it completely shabbily but I know that if I was a contestant, I’d have written it ten times better than I did.

If you’re intelligent, I think you already know how the story ends….

I won!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Yes I did!

Surprised? So was I 😂

I wasn’t expecting it at allllllll☺️

Sadly, I wasn’t given the iPhone 😪. According to them, I wasn’t an ‘official contestant’ but they gave me an award instead ( with my name on it and everything 😁: my very first award 🥰)

The woman at the office where I went to receive the award must’ve shook my hand a million times 😅, telling me how well of a good job I’d done.

The girl who came second place was given the iPhone but they lied to her that she was first place cos y’know 😉.. she was an ‘official contestant’🙄

Even till now, if I encounter some of my high school teachers, they make reference to that essay competition and it fills me with pride and a sense of accomplishment 🙂

Enough about me….

What’s your proudest moment?

It doesn’t have to be a moment where you won anything, just a moment where you felt really really proud of yourself ☺️…

Tell me all about it in the comments section..I wanna hear from you..💙

Published by Adora

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36 thoughts on “What’s your proudest moment?

  1. What an amazing story! I’m so happy for you, Jola! It’s wonderful how you won and sad that you didn’t get the perks of being an “official contestant.” That sucks and I’ve experienced something similar before- Winning but not being declared.

    Lovely post! Truly enjoyed reading about your Ac compliment.

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  2. I really can’t remember. I know I have had moments where I was really proud of myself but right now I can’t remember. I will comment when I remember 😓

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  3. Now that’s an amazing story.
    I don’t think I rate myself that much to remember a proudest moment but now that you mention it, I’ll have to think about it.
    I’m proud of you anyway, 👍

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  4. Since we are doing High school, I can immediately recall one semester then. I had resumed school late. Others had since resumed. It was a boarding school by the way.
    Immediately I resumed everyone I encountered kept telling me how our English teacher wanted to see me.
    My result was so good that he wanted to see me.

    According to him my name didn’t ring a bell. He couldn’t recall my face since I was a very quiet and unassuming student.

    It meant so much to me then because there were some group of classmates who prided themselves as the teacher’s pets. They carried themselves as if they were Shakespeare just because they were the teacher’s pets.

    Having to beat them to the top was quite orgasmic.

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    1. I know the feeling, it can be very intoxicating.. especially when you don’t expect it. It’s like you just discovered this potential that you didn’t know you had

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  5. The day i was made a Prefect

    I didn’t expect it. No one did.
    But I was called and recognized.

    With a bald head and a grin, accompanied with claps and shrieks, I went to the podium

    Yes, that’s my proudest moment, I think 🙃

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