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Blogger Session With Gigi

                     I had an impromptu interview with a lovely being over the weekend. Gigi is a wonderful blogger and you can check out her blog using this link

1. Describe yourself in three words
               Tall. Emotional. Savage.

2. What inspired you to start blogging and what does your blog center on?
               I started blogging because I love writing. I decided it’d be fun to start a blog but I didn’t start immediately though. Years later, I finally decided to give it a go. It took much support from my friends and for which I’m entirely grateful. My blog centers on three major actions actually, to Inspire, Motivate and Entertain. My aim is to inspire people as the Holy Spirit leads me, motivate them with certain experiences I might have had and ensure that they’re entertained in whichever way. So I talk about serious things like my faith and also play around with my readers like the trip we took to London during our Q&A Session(only my true readers would remember that lol but if you don’t, no hard feelings, I love you too).

3. How did you discover your love for writing?
               I think I’ve always had this hidden love for writing but at a point I was so blind to see it right there. I knew I enjoyed writing long notes in class right from primary school; I even liked when the teacher decided to dictate and not write on the board (weird I know, I think I also enjoy note taking during lecture periods even). And back in my primary school days I started writing short stories actually, just for fun and I liked it. If you want to hear, sorry, read, the full and definitely interesting story of how I got here, you should really check out one of my most-read posts, from little. TO BIG! So yeah, discovering your potential starts from taking notes of the little things we do unconsciously.

4. Describe your blogging journey. 
            Well this is actually not an easy one, because I think I’m just starting. It’s actually been a year already since I started blogging but the journey really started for me when I realized I was making an impact on people. There’s just this joy I get from reading positive comments and people telling me how much they found a particular post really helpful. So my blogging journey has been fun, tiring sometimes, because as much as I love writing, I can decide to be lazy about it and only post when I’m in the zone; consistency can be a downer for me, especially when I’m at school really. But in total, I thank God for the life of my blog and every member of its family across the globe.

5.How do you come up with ideas for your blog? 
            I see someone wants to get a load of my tips and tricks 😉hehe. All jokes aside, I get ideas at random occasions. Either while doing the dishes, surfing the internet or reading my Bible. I have no specific way of coming up with my posts but it’s as the Spirit leads me. But what I do is to keep note of ideas I have even if I’m not entirely sure of how to build on it yet. 

6. What’s the story behind your blog name? 
             First of all, what makes you think there’s some interesting story to it? lol. To be completely honest, I can’t pinpoint the exact reason I went with the name Girl With A Blog but what I do remember was that there was this show on Nickelodeon called Dog with a Blog which I found totally catchy, I mean it’s a dog, who actually blogs! And I was like if he’s a dog who can blog, then I’m a girl who can blog too. That was pretty much it I guess and now my friends call me that.

7. How do you handle blogging along with being a college student in Nigeria? 
              I honestly laughed when I read this question. I’m literally laughing at myself because I’m the last person you should seek advice from on something like that. I’d just be being hypocritical if I start telling you tips I don’t even follow. The thing is I always try to stay consistent and post while at school but I totally never do, like never, ever, just so you get what I mean. With all the chapel services, classes to attend and studying to do, I just never get in the zone. And yes, it is not an excuse, you can still try to post while juggling your school activities; I know it’s just laziness that gets a hold of me sometimes. But I hope to make you proud when I resume for my third year, by posting either weekly or bi-weekly. To answer your question straightforwardly, I handle blogging by putting a hold on it once I step on my school grounds. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

8. What would you say is a major challenge facing teens and young adults today? 
              I’d say Peer Pressure is one of the major things. Some teens just do things because they feel it’s required of them or it’s the standard way of living as the majority do the same thing. I still experience it unconsciously from time to time. But we can’t lose focus, heaven is the goal. Remember to do things for you, always ask yourself why you’re doing a particular thing every now and then, it could help a lot.

9 .How has blogging impacted your life?
                It has impacted my life by helping me impact the lives of others. Blogging has created an avenue for me to share my thoughts and the Truth(that Gigi loves you but Jesus loves you more!). Just doing that alone, has actually helped me personally in different ways that no one can really understand, not even me.

10. What do you hope to achieve with your blog? 
                Inspire. Motivate. Entertain. Pretty sure I had that summarized and boldly stated on my blog site lol. I hope to entertain people, change lives positively, save souls for my Father and really help those who find it hard to share their problems with anyone.

11. If you could make one wish concerning your blog, what would it be
                 That each post I write should reach the right people it was ordained for, you might just be one of them.

Did you hear that guys? You might just be one of go check out Gigi’s blog

P.S I think I might be in some kind of creative slump, probably because I’m venturing into other things at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll be back to serving you vibes as always. I just need a creative epiphany.

Thanks for reading as always.

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