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Not another Be Happy verse

                  I don’t think I play an active role in whether I’m happy or not, it just is. When bad things happen or things don’t go the way I want them to, I get sad and I let the sadness eat me up from inside. Likewise, when the circumstances are favourable, my reflex emotion is happiness.

Whenever I see those “happiness is free, be happy” quotes, I roll my eyes. Asking me to be happy when I’m currently sad is like trying to fetch water from a dry well. Yes, it’s a well but it’s dry at the moment. I can’t go around being happy all the time. Bad things happen and it’s perfectly normal to react accordingly.

My state of mind depends largely on external factors. Happiness can’t be forced just like love or hatred can’t be forced either. Happiness is not a switch that I can turn on whenever someone says Be Happy. I have to feel it otherwise it’s not genuine.

Everything is temporary, happiness,pain, sadness, grief. So I let myself feel because it’s only fleeting. It takes so little to make me happy and even less to make me sad.

But that’s just me though..

I should also clarify that depression is not the same thing as sadness. While sadness is an emotion, depression is a (mental) illness. While it’s okay to be sad sometimes, it’s never okay to be depressed. Get help.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t tell me to Be happy, Make me happy. And you can do that by subscribing to this blog. The best part? It costs you nothing at all. So scroll down to the bottom of this page, insert your email and click the Subscribe button if you haven’t done so already.

Make yourself happy, make people around you happy. Spread happiness in your actions not just your words because as we all know, Action speaks louder than words.

Published by Adora

A not so average Nigerian Gen-Zer with an exceptional and extraordinary imagination, passion for writing and french. Subscribe to experience and enjoy fun and creative content on this space

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