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Did You Know #2

Ten Psychological Hacks You Should Know
          (Sourced from Quora)

1.  If you sense that someone is staring at you or watching you but you don’t know who, yawn. As we all know, yawning is contagious. Whoever is staring at you is probably also going to yawn. There, mystery solved.

2. If you want people to like you, initiate physical touch like a slight touch on the arm or shoulder but not too much that it’s obvious.

3. If you want your friend to carry something for you, maybe a bag. Keep talking to them while handing them the bag.  Most people will take the bag without even noticing.

4. If you’re trying to get a friend to open up to you, sit there quietly and maintain eye contact. The silence and eye contact will make them uncomfortable and they’ll share the information with you.

5. If someone is making a joke at your expense, act as if you didn’t hear it or ask them to repeat it or explain what’s so funny about it.

6. If you’re on a date, select an activity that gives adrenaline rush, this stimulate arousal in the brain. Your date will begin to believe they’re enjoying their time with you.

7. If you want people to agree with what you’re saying, nod while you’re saying what you want them to agree with. They will most likely begin to nod as well and agree with you.

8. If someone is mad at you, keep calm and deny them a reaction, this will make them even angrier.

9. If eye contact makes you uneasy in a conversation, look between the person’s eyes instead.

10. If you want something from someone be it money or an item, ask for an amount significantly higher than what you want. When the person says no , then ask for the amount you originally wanted. The person will most likely feel bad for saying no the first time and say yes this time around.

Thanks for taking time to read this post. I hope you learnt a thing or two. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section .

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