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Did You Know Diaries (1)

It’s Children’s Day!

This is the first entry into Jay’s Did You Know Diaries. Once in a while, I’ll be sharing with you information that you might find fun or useful. I know I don’t usually post on weekdays but in honour of Children’s Day, I gift you a post today.

Did You Know….

                FutureMe.Org is a site where you can write letters to your future self. Really? Yes, Really! Write whatever you want to your future self and they’ll email it to you in a year or two years or probably five years, it depends on whatever amount of time that you choose. I think that’s really cool, I don’t know about you. So, head on down to FutureMe.Org and write to your future self. Don’t overthink it, just write whatever plops into your brain. Be spontaneous. Have Fun.

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Published by Adora

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