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My First Love

I fell in love in 2017. I was barely sixteen at the time. We met at school, I think that’s where most love stories stem from. It wasn’t love at first sight. Our love gradually blossomed and developed over time until it withered, like most first loves.

He was the new guy at school. Cliché? I know. A large number of girls in the class found him attractive and he was. He was tall and dark and also shy, I think that was what added to his appeal. He was extremely introverted and hard to read. He kept to himself a lot, he had this aura of mystery about him. I didn’t know what his voice
sounded like because I had never heard him speak before.

We weren’t close or anything of the sort. I regarded him as just a classmate at the time. Sure, I found him attractive but nothing more.

A fellowship was organised in the school hall but I stayed back in class because the hall was overcrowded. James and his friend, Ayo also stayed back. I heard James say something about how he disliked attending the fellowship due to the rowdiness, I whipped around to face him and blurted, “So you can talk?” We all laughed at my comment. That was one of my earliest interactions with James.

Not too long after, I opened a Facebook account. It was all the rage among my classmates back then. I sent friend requests to all my classmates, James included. He accepted the request but we didn’t message each other at all.

Mariam was a friend of mine who I suspected had feelings for James. We were out in a neighborhood one day when she suggested that we visit James because his house was close by. When I returned home,I was met with a message from James. It was a simple ‘Hi’. I replied with a similar greeting and from that day, we began chatting constantly. We’d chat about different things, school, church and even talk about our classmates. From Facebook messages, we graduated to calls. We were chatting on Facebook and calling each other frequently. Little did I know, I was falling with rapid speed, no brakes present.

The dynamic of our relationship changed significantly in August 2018. My social media presence had dwindled due to a number of reasons. I was rarely online. We were chatting like always when he surprised me with a text, I love you. it was close to midnight. I was caught off guard, what? why? when? how? He immediately backtracked, just like a sister. Being the timid soul that he was, I suspected he didn’t want to put himself out there, he probably lost confidence in the few seconds between the messages. Maybe, he misinterpreted my reaction.

The following day at school, we acted like the conversation the night before didn’t happen. We rarely talked to each other in class anyway, most of our conversations were online and in the form of calls.

In October, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I was elated. Fireworks were going off in my head like the Fourth of July. I was on cloud nine. I felt special, like a queen. But you know how we girls liked to play hard to get. I told him that I would think about it even though at that very moment I wanted to shout a Yes so loud that the entire universe would hear it clearly. He told me to come off it joor. I finally said yes and we became a couple.

We went out together, had a lot of fun. He actually asked me to meet his mom. His parents were aware of our relationship and they were cool with it. His church members also knew about us.

James invited me to his church for a Christmas program. The program ended late and he offered to escort me home. On the way, he held my hand and told me that he liked me so much. You can imagine I how felt at the moment, I wanted to combust in excitement. We were walking so slowly because we wanted that moment to last forever. He was sooo shy. He wrapped me in his arms unknown to both of us that my elder brother was behind us. James shyly left the scene. Thankfully, my elder brother didn’t talk about it or make it an issue. I was so relieved.

Sadly our relationship was short-lived. We broke up in November, only a few short weeks after we got together. He told me that he still loved me even though our relationship had come to an end…..

Hey guys, Jay. Here. This is not my story, I just wanted to clarify that. Also, this is not the end of the story. It continues next week.
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How was your first love experience?


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