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An embarrassing moment in my life

I’ve never shared this story with anyone before so I just decided, ‘why not write it on my blog?’ It happened a few years ago when I was in the JSS Three class of secondary school. I was twelve at the time. I had a seatmate named Aishat. We were kind of close.Anyways, it happened during the Home economics period. It was the last class of the day. The teacher, we called her Madam. I think she was discussing the topic of puberty or something like that. At one point, she started talking about armpits and armpit hair as a sign of puberty, blah blah blah…She then asked if there was anyone among us who didn’t have armpit hair. Nobody raised their hand or said anything. I should have raised my hand but I didn’t because who wants to admit something like that in front of the whole class?Before I knew what was happening, my hand was suddenly in the air. It wasn’t magic. It was my seatmate, Aishat who pushed my hand up. I glared at her and tried to lower my hand before Madam could notice. But being the skinny kid that I was,I was no match against her firm push. I kept struggling but Aishat wouldn’t let go of my arm. Madam noticed and do you know what she said?*Insert crying emoji here*She said,’As you can see, her breasts have not yet started growing/developing yet.’ She said it so casually like it was a normal thing to say and in front of the whole class no less.You know me, I was mortified. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. It was sooo embarrassing. I wanted to cease to exist at that very moment.Click on the like button if you liked this post.Have you ever had any embarrassing moments? Please share in the comments section. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to subscribe to my blog. You get notified about any updates on the blog when you subscribe. Also, share on your social media platforms. Let’s build the community! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday. See you next week.

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