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Having a Teen Life Crisis? I Can Help.

Happy Saturdays People! I’m so happy you’re here.

Ever heard of a Mid life crisis? Now, imagine having it much earlier. That’s what I dubbed, “Teen Life Crisis.”

I remember when I just turned seventeen,  I was legit freaking out. I kept worrying that I was almost thirty. Dramatic? I know. I was feeling really old. There’s this peculiar type of feeling old that comes when you haven’t accomplished anything in your life. It feels like the years just pass by in a blur.. it was an awful feeling.

           I felt like time was running out and I needed to do something, anything right then. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough that I needed to do more. Like, everyone else was ahead and I was way behind and needed to try to keep up. I was having a midlife crisis way too early in life.

            I wasn’t everything I thought I’d be by that age and honestly, it was depressing. You know when you were younger and you used to be like, “When I’m eighteen,I would be this, at twenty I would have done this..” But now it’s like, “I should have been this by now.” But you’re not and you’re not even close to what you wanted to be. That’s what having the crisis felt like for me.

            Crying and worrying never solves anything, do they? So if you’re reading this post right now, I need you to stop. Just, Stop it. Here’s how you can overcome the crisis in these simple steps.

1. Stop comparing
             Oh, but Sandra has done this and she has this and James has that…Stop it. I am very guilty of this particular type of thinking. It doesn’t help at all, never. Or if you’re comparing your life to others you see on social media, I pity you. Pictures lie and people only post what they want you to see, how they want you to perceive their lives and not how it is one hundred percent of the time. So drop that phone or probably take a break from social media. As I always say, social media is exhausting. I give myself one or two days of no social media every week. Offline is peace of mind.

2. Talk to someone.

             Not just anyone, but someone who understands. Sharing your issues with someone who doesn’t understand can be very painful. Although, there are some friends that don’t understand but still try to help, those kinds of friends are golden. You can talk to people older than you like your parents, adult friends that you have, etc.

3.  Take a chill pill
            Life is not a competition, you know? You don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Live at your own pace. Relax and stop worrying. Worrying doesn’t make anything better, just worse.

4. Do Something

           Seeing as the crisis for me developed as a reason of not having done enough, another thing you can do is start chasing after your goals. What are those things you wanted to do, the goals you had? It’s never too late to start working on them. If it’s singing, drawing, get on with it. Opportunities don’t just fly in through the window of your room on a hot afternoon, sometimes you create opportunities for yourself. You won’t get discovered by hiding your abilities. Thank heavens for social media where you can reach out to quite a number of people. Stop making excuses. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, forward to your friends by clicking the share button. If you can relate, I would also like to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy Easter in advance y’all.


Published by Adora

A not so average Nigerian Gen-Zer with an exceptional and extraordinary imagination, passion for writing and french. Subscribe to experience and enjoy fun and creative content on this space

6 thoughts on “Having a Teen Life Crisis? I Can Help.

  1. This is so me in the aspect of comparing myself with others but anyway I am happy that u decided to discuss on this……….. Thank u so much for this ur advice and I hope it would also help other people struggling with teen crisis and all that.
    Expecting another write up from u………. I would love to see you one day tho🥺😅😹

    Liked by 1 person

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